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Shanty Creek Resorts Donations + Sponsorships

Since 1963, Shanty Creek has supported many worthwhile causes and events. We are proud to be a part of a wonderful community and it gives us great pleasure to be able to give back. As we’ve grown, so have the number of requests we receive to make donations and support causes. Due to the volume of requests, it is impossible for us to support each and every cause, no matter how worthy. To make the process easier for everyone, we have developed a few guidelines for donation requests.

How to Make a Request

Please submit all donation and sponsorship requests to the following:


Only requests received at this email address will be reviewed by our committee. Before submitting a request, please read the following information and guidelines.


1. Please provide a formal letter of request along with a flyer/brochure of your event. We will present these to our review committee.
2. Due to the time and effort required to consider and process each request with care, please provide at least 45 days’ notice.


While there are some events we choose to sponsor, we are not currently considering additional sponsorships at this time. If you feel strongly about an in-kind sponsorship with Shanty Creek Resorts, we may consider supporting if the event or its promotions have contextual ties to our core businesses (i.e., skiing, golf, lodging, tourism, outdoor recreation, etc.). Please share the context of your event with us at the time of your request.

Lastly, while we appreciate all efforts to support children’s schools, sports teams and religious organizations, we prefer to keep those within Antrim County and among our neighbors.

If you think your request fits our criteria, we’d love to hear why a Shanty Creek donation would be a great addition to your event!

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