Teamwork. Seamless execution. From event planning, to food preparation, to guest service, our staff is committed to exceeding your expectations. Meet the team that makes it all work.


Tracey Ramsey

Tracey Ramsey, Director of Sales

231.533.3085 |

Tracey services associations and select accounts.

Jody Kaley

Jody Kaley, Senior Sales Manager

231.533.3093 |

Jody services all golf groups of 16 or more.

Judi Young

Judi Young, Sales Manager

231.533.3095 |

Judi services all corporate and education meetings, plus religious + charitable group functions.

Phyllis Lockhart

Phyllis Lockhart, Sales Manager

231.533.3092 |

Phyllis services all snow sports groups of 16 or more, all clubs, plus all fraternal, social, sports and motor coach groups.

Michelle Norton

Michelle Norton, Sales Manager

231.533.3082 |

Michelle services military + government outings and Lansing associations.

Conference Services

Jelena Craft

Jelena Craft, Director of Conference Services

231.533.3087 |

Jelena manages our Conference Services Department and Staff.

Meg Nelson

Meg Nelson, Senior Conference Services Manager

231.533.3088 |

Kelli Fox

Kelli Fox, Conference Services Manager

231.533.3081 |

A.J. Abbott

A.J. Abbott, Conference Services Manager

231.533.3089 |

Erin Kleibecker, Conference Services Assistant Manager

231.533.3086 |

Banquet Services

Brian Ramsey

Brian Ramsey, Banquet Chef

Chelsey Nowak

Chelsey Nowak, Banquet Services