Let Shanty Creek’s event planners and conference service staff prepare challenging and engaging team building activities, customized around any unique activity your group desires.

Our approach: Challenge and encourage participants to step outside their comfort zone into situations that promote effective communication, problem solving, confidence and building trust.

Choose from these fun games and activities to bring your group together.

Minute To Win It

Groups are divided into teams. For each round, teams will nominate one participant to complete a given task within one minute. A second team member will be given a chance to successfully complete any failed attempts. Some tasks include:

  • A Bit Dicey
  • Breakfast Scramble
  • Hanky Panky
  • Caddy Stack

Team building activity includes all materials and a facilitator, and can take place indoors or outdoors (weather dependent). Works best with medium-sized groups and lasts about an hour.

Note: $10 per person ($100 minimum).

Build-A-Bike Workshop

Groups will be divided to compete against each other to assemble a bicycle in the fastest time. After the bicycle is assembled, it will be donated to a deserving child in the community. Groups can be divided to compete for the fastest time, or can work together as one.

Workshop includes disassembled bicycle, all tools and a facilitator. This activity can accommodate all group sizes. Activity can take place indoors or outdoors (weather dependent). Duration will vary. 

Note: $200 per team.
Requires three week’s notice.

Shelter From the Storm

Your group has been stranded on a desert island and you need to build a shelter to protect your team from the scorching sun and rain storms. Only the objects provided can be used to build the structure. Teams will have 15 minutes to plan the structure and up to 30 minutes to build. However, once the team begins to build, they are no longer allowed to talk.

Activity can take place indoors or outdoors (weather dependent). This activity can accommodate all group sizes, and can be completed as one team, or multiple, competing teams. Activity includes building materials and facilitator, and lasts up to one hour.

 Note: $10 per person ($100 minimum).

Beverages & Brushes

You may have heard about Painting With a Twist or similar where a local artist/art instructor leads a group in the creation of your very own 16×20 masterpiece to take home. All painting supplies and instructions are included. Private bars are recommended and may be acquired through your Conference Service Manager.

All ability and experience levels welcome! Approximate time of the instruction is 2 hours.

Note: $30 per person ($150 minimum).
Requires three week’s notice; available after 5pm only.

Mine Field

This is an engaging activity involving communication and trust. Blindfolded participants will make their way through an obstacle course of “mines” guided only by the sounds and directions given to them by their partner. Be creative, as your voice will have to stand out amongst all other teams participating simultaneously. Partners will then swap roles and attempt the course a second time.

This activity can take place inside or outdoors (weather dependent). Activity works best with small-to-medium sized groups split into pairs and lasts about an hour.

Note: $10 per person ($100 minimum).

Murder Mystery Party

Add some fun to your dinner party by incorporating some mystery. We are currently offer “Murder in Sin City” and “Class of ’85 High School Reunion”, however contact your Group Sales Coordinator to discuss alternative party themes and appropriate dinner menu.

Party includes mystery scenario, character sheets, costume suggestions, decorations, and a facilitator. Party lasts approximately two hours with or without dinner.

Note: $20 per person ($200 minimum). Price does not include dinner.
Requires three week’s notice.

Team Olympics

Group will be divided into teams with each team competing for the best overall score. Sporting activities may include volleyball, bocce ball, horseshoes, croquet, corn hole, disc golf and more.

Includes game rules, scoring and facilitator. Activities take place outdoors (weather dependent). Please be aware some activities are limited to Summit Village. Tournament works best with medium-to-large groups and lasts approximately two hours.

Prizes can be included with activities for an additional $5 per person ($50 minimum).

Note: $100 for first activity; $50 each additional activity.
Requires three week’s notice.

Cardboard Titanic

Group will be divided into teams with each team competing to build and man a cardboard vessel that will float in the pool. Teams will have 15 minutes to plan the structure and up to 30 minutes to build a vessel. However, once the team begins to build, they are no longer allowed to talk.

Once completed one person from each team must paddle their boat to the other end of the pool without sinking. The first team across the pool and back wins. Beware of those shady pirates; you never know what they may do. Session lasts approximately one hour.

Note: $100 per team ($200 minimum);
Requires two week’s notice.

Team Trivia

Group will be divided into teams with each team competing for the best overall score. Questions range from a variety of genres (i.e. History, Music, Pop Culture, Sports, etc.). Prizes can be included for an additional $5 per person ($50 minimum).

Note: $100 per hour.

Skyscraper Drop

Group are divided into two teams with each competing to create a carrier that will keep an egg safe from a two-story fall. Teams will have 30 minutes to build and the team that can successfully get the egg to the ground without breaking wins. If a tie occurs, the height will increase until there is a winner. Approximately one hour.

Note: $10 per team ($100 minimum).

Private Movie

Treat your group to a Movie Night! Let us do the work while you enjoy the show. Movies can be indoors or outdoors on an inflatable screen during our warmer months. (Popcorn and Beverages are available for an additional fee.)

$200 per movie.

Pay it Forward

Everyone is divided into multiple teams; each team is assigned $10 and will have to “pay it forward” five times throughout the activity.

Teams will need to discuss how they use the monies and cannot use more than what they were given at the beginning of the event. The objective is to go out of your way and help someone without them knowing. Snap a photo of person/group you have “paid forward.” Activity lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

Note: $100 per team.

Lawn Games

Go outside and play these classic games. Our Lawn Game inventory:

  • Giant Jenga
  • Lawn Yahtzee
  • Cornhole
  • Washer Toss
  • Ladder Ball
  • Bocce Ball
  • Lawn Dominoes
  • Croquet
  • Horse Shoes**
  • Giant Checkers**
  • Volleyball**
  • Shuffleboard**
  • Basketball**


Note: $50 per hour for four games ($100 Minimum); additional games $10 per hour (** Summit Only)