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Dine Safe at Shanty Creek

Soup at The Lakeview Restaurant

Indoor dining at Shanty Creek Resort has resumed.

Restaurant seating will be limited at 50% capacity and tables will be set six feet apart with up to 6 persons allowed at each table.


Seating is limited. Please make reservations in advance.

 The River Bistro • (231) 533-3080 | Lakeview Restaurant • (231) 533-3070

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• Host podiums and all equipment on them will be sanitized at least once per hour
• Service stations, beverage stations and high touch areas will be sanitized at least once per hour
• Dining tables, bar tops, stools and chairs will be sanitized after each use
• Condiments will be served in single use containers (either disposable or washed after each use)
• Check presenters, votives, pens and all other reusable guest contact items will be either sanitized after each use or single use only.
• Menus are single use and disposable
• We will sanitize trays and trays jacks after each use
• Food and beverage items being prepared will be transferred to other employees using contactless methods (under heat lamps or through kitchen "windows")

Tacos at the River Bistro

Physical Distancing Protocol

  • Hostesses and supervisors to manage physical distancing at entries and waiting areas. Signage and floor marks to be utilized.
  • Bar chairs to be removed
  • Tables to be re-paced to accommodate physical distancing. Booths to be removed.

Guest Considerations

  • All self-serve condiments and utensils to be removed and available from cashiers or servers
  • All straws to be wrapped
  • Cloth napkins will not be touched by staff after they are placed on table
  • All food and beverage items will be placed on the table or counter instead of being handed directly to a guest


Room Service

• All equipment will be sanitized prior to assigning for the shift
• Servers/Host Staff/Bartenders will be assigned to individual stations will sanitize their stations and all equipment at least once per hour and at each change of shift
• Bussers will sanitize all doors, handles and high contact surfaces at least once per hour

Fish and chips being served