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Walking the Course

When was the last time you walked the course? You know, that’s how the pros play. And how all levels of competitive golf are played. But did you realize there are benefits to your game beyond fitness and health?

Man and Woman Walking with Clubs at Hawk's Eye GC

Faster Play

When you (and your foursome) walk, you actually move the game along faster than when each twosome drive back and forth between each player's shots.

Junior Golfer Walking to Ball

Better Play

Walking to your ball does more for your game than driving. You slow down in your head, you visualize your next shot better, and you are better able to forget that last one that went astray.

Social Play

When walking the course all four players will spend more time together. Much more than when each twosome rides in separate carts.

Walking the Course

Improve Your Game

So, what do you say? Ready to walk your next round? The Summit course is perfect for walking. You'll not only get your steps for your Fitbit, you'll see the benefits of play.

And for just $15 for 9 holes, it's a value for your game, your mind, and your health.

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