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Donation Requests

Kayaking on the Chain of Lakes

Shanty Creek is proud to support many worthwhile causes and events. However as we’ve grown, so too has the volume of donation requests. To make the process simpler, we developed a few guidelines for donation requests.


How to Make a Request

Please submit all donation and sponsorship requests at the following email address: Only requests received at this address will be reviewed by committee. Before submitting a request, please read the following information and guidelines.

Donation Request Guidelines

  1.  Please provide a formal letter of request
  2.  Please attach a promotional flyer or brochure of your event. We will present these to our review committee.
  3.  Due to the time and effort required to consider and process each request with care, please provide at least 45 days’ notice.


If you feel strongly about a having Shanty Creek or Schuss Mountain be a sponsor for your event or team, send a letter/email to the address above. We will consider supporting events where there are contextual ties to our core businesses (skiing, golf, lodging, tourism, outdoor recreation, etc.). Please explain the context of your event with us at the time of your request.

Lastly, while we appreciate all efforts to support children’s schools, sports teams, and religious organizations, we prefer to keep those within Antrim County, thereby supporting the families of our staff and our neighbors.