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Mountain Times Employee Newsletter


Memorial Day Weekend

In Honor of Memorial Day

Remembering Our Heroes:

On this Memorial Day Weekend, we honor the brave souls who served our country and extend heartfelt gratitude to our own employees who have served. Your dedication inspires us all. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.


Employee Referrals Apply To All Open Positions

We wanted to reach out to you to ask for your help in getting the word out that WE ARE HIRING!

In fact, we currently have 19 Open Job Postings on our Careers Page and some of the more critical positions include a sign on bonus! All of these positions are eligible for the Employee Referral Program as our Employees are often the BEST source of talent for SCR. We have also created an Evergreen posting where candidates can just share a resume or their information if they aren’t sure where to apply. Human Resources are checking this daily and have been able to secure several candidates from this “Share Your Resume”posting as well.

Please feel free to reach out to the HR team if you have any candidates you would like to refer or need further support in the process!

Shanty Creek Employee Mowing Fairway of Golf Course
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At our recent Employee Appreciation Party, Dustin Chapman, from Food and Beverage, won tickets to a Detroit Tiger's Game. During that game, Dustin caught HIS FIRST FLY BALL ever! Dustin said: "All my years of going to Tigers games and never caught one, about time, and we had a great time!"

Congratulations Dustin! So glad you were able to make an especially cool memory on this trip!




Download the ADP Mobile APP

As we work to continue to evolve our support and communication, we are going to leverage the ADP Mobile APP as much as possible. The Company News and Announcements will be updated regularly, we will begin to send important daily updates to the APP in real time, New Employee Onboarding will be enabled in the APP and much more! If you haven't downloaded the ADP Mobile APP please do so today to help enhance your employee experience! Your login information is the same as when you login to ADP on a computer.

If you have questions, please reach out to any member of the Human Resources Team (Melinda Booy, Tracey Cooper, Jill Smith, or Brian Coon).

ADP Mobile Solutions


Our New Employees

As we inch closer to summer, we'll be welcoming our new friends from Honduras, a vibrant country in the heart of Central America.

Honduras is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, a treasure trove of traditions and customs that we're eager to explore and celebrate. As they join us at the resort, we're looking forward to a journey of cultural exchange and camaraderie.

Their presence adds a vibrant new dimension to our golfing season, sparking curiosity and fostering meaningful connections that enrich our experiences. Here's to a season with friendship, discovery, and shared adventures. Welcome, new friends from Honduras!

We'll also be welcoming a group of international students to our community this summer from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, China, Colombia, and France! Our new International Coordinator, Jill Smith, is onsite daily to support our international help (she has a home at Hawk's Eye). This is our opportunity to showcase Northern Michigan and all we at SCR have to offer! Let's welcome our guests and make the most of the opportunity to learn from people of other cultures and experiences from around the globe.

Google map of Honduras in comparison to Central America and the US.

Mental Health Awareness Month

As May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to share with each of you how much you matter as individuals. What makes you unique is what makes you beautiful. Your HR Team, your Manager, and your fellow Employees are all here to support you if ever you are in crisis. We have shared some tips and tools below to help you manage not only your own mental health, but also the mental health of your families. 


CONGRATS to our May Winners! They have been identified! Please continue to check Mountain Times monthly for more fun prizes and helpful info!


The pot will keep growing since no one has come forward with the winning number!

The first three Employees to follow these exact instructions and email the ENTIRE HR TEAM (Listed somewhere in this newsletter) with the exact phrase “I want my Mountain Money” will receive $100 prize!

Remember, if the prize is unclaimed by the end of the month, it will roll over to the next month, creating another opportunity for someone to win bigger. We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic benefit and look forward to celebrating your success.